Uncharted 2 Patch Now Live

Firing up Uncharted2 this weekend? Well the next time you do there will be a patch waiting for you. Update 1.02 weighs in at 118MB and brings with the changes we’ve previously mentioned. Don’t forget from 18:00 [GMT] Friday through till 19:00 Monday it is also a double XP weekend, so along with the new Uncharted1 inspired map there has never been a better time to get your Drake on. Don’t worry if you’re feeling the squeeze of the recession as this DLC won’t cost a penny, as it’s completely FREE.

  • Added Global and Friends list Leaderboards to the Multiplayer menu with the following categories:
    • Global Competitive Wins
    • Global Co-op
    • Global Kills
    • Global Money
    • Friends Competitive Wins
    • Friends Co-op
    • Friends Kills
    • Friends Money
  • Added a player card to the Multiplayer menu
  • Added “The Fort” multiplayer map

Source: Naughty Dog.