Gravity Crash’s Secret Trophies

We exclusively revealed what the list of Trophies were for PSN title Gravity Crash back on the 13th of November, but with three secret Trophies.  However, now we can exclusively reveal what the secret Trophies are, and they’re pretty nicely hidden:

Outsmarted (Bronze)

  • How to get: dodgy a homing missile long enough so it runs out of fuel.

Within Acceptable Parameters (Bronze)

  • How to get: in manual shield mode, save yourself with shield at 5% or less.

Mega Points (Bronze)

  • How to get: gain a score of 1,048,576

Some really well done Trophies, I’m sure you’ll agree – there’s at least one there that would have been pretty damned tricky to figure out on your own. As an aside, remember that you’ve still got just over a day to work on your Gravity Crash level for our competition.