PS3 Firmware 3.10 Still Causing Problems

PS3 Firmware Updates: joy and disappoint in equal measure for some, and the recent 3.10 update appears to be no different with elation at the ‘fixing’ of the friend list but sadness at some of the issues that are starting to arise since the last patch.  Our forums have kicked up two new issues with the software, namely the Dual Shock losing syncronisation with the PS3 regularly, and some kind of problem with messages, which when read cause the PS3 to lose internet connectivity and log out of the PSN.

I’ll be honest, neither issue has presented itself to me personally, but then I have (at best) intermittent connection to the PlayStation Network anyway, it’s decidedly sketchy for me and always has been, despite 3.10 seemingly boosting the wifi signal by about 10% here at TSA Towers.  The controller problem does appear to be widespread, with the Bluetooth pairing falling over more often than Davs on a night out, but normally wiring the controller to the PS3 with a USB cable seems to fix that one most of the time.


And then there’s the Trophy Sync issue, apparently fixed earlier in the week but I still had problems last night.  The whole issue of Trophies needing to be manually syncronised is utterly baffling – I have no idea why Sony felt this was the right thing to do when the 360 just does it in the background without ever failing – but when it’s almost impossible to get the thing to just upload your recent Trophies it’s doubly frustrating, especially when there’s a top ten place in our coveted Trophy Leaderboard at stake.

Finally, and presumably unrelated – I’ve not been able to play Uncharted 2 for weeks.  It literally won’t load past the spinning dagger – the disk is clean, I’ve removed all trace of the game from the hard drive – no dice.