‘The Scourge Project’ Coming To PSN/XBL

Tragnarion Studios have announced that their new shooter for Xbox and PS3 will arrive in March. Created in this generations ‘Shoot ‘Em Up Construction Kit’, the Unreal engine, the game is a third person shooter which has been built with online co-op in mind. Apperently, ‘four players will each experience a personal story whilst playing together as a squad.’  Game director Omar Salle describes this as a “unique blend of co-op action plus co-op storytelling.”

Further PR blurb reveals the game will have four ‘unique playable characters’ – if you check out the screenshots you will see they are stretching the definition of ‘unique’ –  boss fights, puzzles (yay!) and of course, very big guns. Online multiplayer will support up to sixteen players and feature the standard game modes – Death match, Team Death match, Capture the Flag etc.

Source: The Scourge Project