Naughty Dog’s Experimental Weekend

Hot on the heels of the new map and double XP weekend, Naughty Dog have just announced that they will be launching a ‘Plunder Only’ playlist in time for the weekend. This is the result of last month’s poll which they held their website, where visitors could vote for new playlists, the options being; Plunder Only, Crushing: All Game Types, Crushing: Deathmatch Only and Deathmatch Variants Only. The top two results were Plunder Only and a split between the two Crushing options, so based on this community feedback the new Plunder Only playlist will go live at 18:00 [GMT] on Friday.

This isn’t the only change as rather than implement the Crushing only playlists in addition to Plunder and causing things to become cluttered, Naughty Dog are running an experiment for this weekend only and reducing players health in multiplayer modes to 65% of the normal, which is identical to Crushing mode, but you’ll still have the ability to choose boosters. Naughty Dog will be launching a new poll on their website designed to solicit feedback from users, so make sure you use it as it’s not often a developer is so in touch with its community.