No Need For GTA To Become Annualised

There has been quite a bit of speculation as to whether or not GTA 5 would be arriving in 2010. It now appears that it is less likely as Take Two reveal their stance on the massively popular franchise, Grand Theft Auto.

Despite Take Two’s 2009 profit predicted to take a knock (down by up to $50 million), the company have said that there is no need for annual releases of the GTA series. Strauss Zelnick – Take Two’s chairman – said:


There’s a balance between how long it takes to develop such an incredible title… and how long you wait for the appetite to be both satisfied and whetted for the next title. That’s something I think the company has done well.

With no name, or location, for the inevitable GTA V, it was looking like 2010 was unrealistic anyway, but if Take Two’s opinion of the franchise is anything to go by, then 2010 is a no-no. Obviously this could mean that 2011 could be GTA V’s year.

Naming Civilization, Bully and Midnight Club as his examples, Zelnick explains that they currently have 16 franchises that have all sold over a million and that they still plan a large list of releases for next year. Zelnick also confirms that an unannounced AAA has been pushed out of the 2010 fiscal year; could this be GTA V?