Konami Ask For PES Feedback

It must be Christmas, publishers are asking for our opinions to help improve their games. Konami have launched an online survey to find out what gamers thought of the recent PES 2010. You can rate the games graphics, sound, controls, commentary and many other aspects. They also want to know if you own FIFA 10. The rather oddly nick-named Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka, producer of PES 2010 said,

“By now you should know how committed the Konami team is to getting your feedback and considering your requests for future versions of our game. We’re about to start that process all over again with the release of an online questionnaire. Remember the more useful info we can get from you, the better PES will become. Anything that can’t be included into the next version will be considered for future versions.”


“As executive producer I’ve got plenty of ideas I’m already working on, but believe me your feedback, both as football fans and PES fans, is crucial.”

To have your say on the future of PES, follow this link to to the survey.