Lunchtime Discussion: Who’s PlayStation’s Mascot?

Most things nowadays need a ‘face’; a pillar of greatness to inspire and lead the way for their respective brand/company. Look at Iceland for example, Kerry Katona was one of the greatest role models of the past decade… oh, no… wait… okay let’s try Rimmel London; Kate Moss was… oh.

Of course, many companies have created a mascot that has become synonymous with their ideals and products. Would Disney be the same without Mickey? Would Kelloggs be the same without Tony the Tiger? And do you remember Connie from AOL? Sure, she was an annoying, condescending, patronising bitch, but we all knew her. So who could Sony turn to to push their PlayStation brand?

Metal Gear Solid is the only franchise that has spanned all 3 PlayStations as an exclusive, but is Snake too serious for a mascot? It used to be Crash Bandicoot but it’s been a few years since we’ve seen anything from him so that would be a waste of time. Ratchet & Clank? Loveable, furry animal in bright, colourful and child-friendly games; plus he’d make a great stuffed toy for the kids to fight over at christmas.


What about Drake? A loveable rogue with a great sense of humour, featuring in games that are at the top of many a PS3 gamer’s must have lists; but is it too violent to front the brand?

Lara Croft is no longer tied to the PlayStation so that would be a dumb choice. Kratos, whilst featuring on 2 of the 3 consoles and providing us with some great games, may be a bit too heavy for the mums and dads who are considering getting their precious sprogs a console. Then there’s Sack Boy: A well-tempered knitted creation who not only promotes fun and creativity but also educates about physics and mechanics whilst maintaining a sunny disposition.

So who would you choose? Or more accurately, who do you think could tick all the boxes to provide Sony with their poster child?