Alien Breed Not Hitting PSN Till Q2

Mark Baldwin from Team 17 has been talking about the timed exclusivity of Alien Breed on the 360. He told Gamerzine,

“To be honest, because of the success we had on the 360 with Worms, it made perfect sense to approach Microsoft with Alien Breed first. We were considering the episodic approach and wanted to talk to people who had experienced it, and Microsoft were really good. We had some great discussions and things just moved on from there.”


Baldwin then continued, “For the record we have a great working relationship with Sony and we can’t wait for Alien Breed to hit there. We are expecting Episode 1 of Alien Breed to hit PSN some time 2nd quarter 2010 and PC to hit 1st Quarter.”

So there you go, no Alien Breed PS3 until at least April next year, possibly June.