GT5 Academy Demo Details

The time trial based ‘GT Academy’ version of Gran Turismo 5, which launches this Thursday, has the Indianapolis Speedway GP Circuit (as we said last week) and is just 220MB, according to reports this morning.  The two versions of the Nissan 370z are locked with R1s for the tuned version and N3 for the normal street version and the demo as a whole feels ‘stripped down’.  Apparently it’s your total time that’s going to be taken into account, so you’ll need to be handy with both versions of the car if you want to succeed.


To be honest, I’m a little disappointed.  I know this is meant to just be a proper time trial exercise for the GT Academy, but since GT 5 now won’t be out until at least Summer next year, more could have been done to give us, Polyphony’s rather patient fanbase, something more than just one track and one car – something they did with GTHD back at the launch of the console.  Still, hopefully we’ll get a chance to have some fun little TSA Challenges out of this one for us mere mortals.

Photo credit: Joe Racer, TorcTalk.