TSA Staff: Game of the Year #5


Borderlands. This sci-fi role-playing shooter has really impressed us at TSA Towers. Developed by Gearbox Software for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, this distinctly styled game was receiving quite a bit of coverage prior to its release. Whether it was for the scale of weaponry that was available, or the mildly controversial box art, Borderlands ensured it got mentioned. Releasing during a period with some other massive titles, it did well to avoid becoming overshadowed and continues to draw gamers in with the release of Zombie-based DLC and the upcoming arena DLC. It may not be the most perfect game in the world, but the enjoyment from playing it and the sheer amount of replayability all came into consideration when Borderlands received an 8/10 from TSA. Borderlands was a title we hoped to enjoy and became one we loved; it is TheSixthAxis’ fifth favourite game of 2009.


With weeks of preparation and hard graft it’s time to unveil our first TSA Game of the Year video:


Whilst you’re now eager to either slip your Borderlands disc into your console of choice or run out to the shops to buy a copy, we’ll make you a little more eager to do so with what some of the staff thought:

“Excellent atmosphere, wild-west swagger and Mad Max insanity. On the outside it looks and plays like a shooter but underneath it’s a very well realised RPG levelling system with MMO loot-collection. It is one of those super-rare moments in the gaming world where we can say we were present at the birth of a potential new genre.” – Peter Chapman

“Do you feel that games have become too complicated recently? If you’re the type that likes just simple, mindless fun, then Borderlands is just for you. If you have some buddies to play online with, then I can assure you that no other game will provide you with as much entertainment. It truly is a blast to do a mission with your mates, using the absolute mental number of guns the game can create. The RPG elements are beautifully placed in the game, like icing on a sweet, sweet cake. The game is frankly mental in all regards, the characters, the guns, the gameplay. You simply just cannot go wrong with Borderlands.” – Zuler

Tomorrow, we bring you our fourth favourite. Are you excited?