Watch SingStar Videos Without SingStar

PlayStation Store.  PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service.  SingStar Viewer. Whoever’s in charge of brand names over at Sony deserves a break, let the poor guy bust out some adjectives at least!   Anyway, if you’ve always wanted to see what’s going down in the world of SingStar (like, for example, watching Michael scream at the tele singing Kasabian) you’ll soon be able to do so without even bothering to buy a SingStar game.


According to the EU Blog, anyone with a PSN account will be able to download SingStar Viewer for free from PlayStation Store and see what’s going on in the SingStar community and SingStore. Once downloaded, SingStar Viewer will sit on your XMB under the Games category, so you can instantly jump into the online community whenever you want. You can also purchase from SingStore, and rate and review video clips.