Home Gets Its First Purchasable MMO

You can now get your hands on the first ever microtransaction based MMO in Home. Sodium One, which has been developed by UK-based studio Outso, is a framework which offers smaller games and unloackable content for between 99 cents and $4.99. The first five levels of mini-game – Salt Shooter – are free.

Today we further push the envelope with the launch of PlayStation Home’s Sodium, an evolving space that leverages the incredible computing power of PS3 to deliver truly unique, and visually stunning social gaming experiences that you won’t find on any other platform.

That’s what senior vice president of marketing and PlayStation Network, SCEA, Peter Dille, has said. Sodium One is all about games though; it also offers socialising areas such as a bar.


As of today you can walk into the Central Plaza (in Home of course; if you have a Central Plaza in your actual home…lend us a tenner), access the Sodium ‘transporter’ and visit a far away land – or at least your avatar can, you’ll obviously still be sat in your chair sipping whichever brand of fizzy drink takes your fancy. You’ll be dumped in the Nevada desert where you’ll need to get your orders before you embark for battle. You earn rewards and credits as you go which can then be redeemed within the game.

The first section of the game is Salt Shooter and, as mentioned above, the first 5 levels are free. You take control of tanks with the intention of controlling the population of replenishing robots. From there on in it’s up to what you have in your wallet that will determine what else you can get up to.

Thanks GamersDailyNews