It’s the Mass Effect 2 on PS3 Rumour Again; DLC Discussed

It’s the rumour that just keeps on giving. BioWare’s Mass Effect 2 could still make an appearance on the PS3. At least, it will if the developers of the game get their wish of as many people as possible experiencing their new futuristic masterpiece.

The source of this new heat to a recurring rumour is an interview BioWare recently participated in with Polish site Polygamia. Just like when developer Jay Watamaniuk accidentally announced a PS3 version at the Poznan Game Areana (PGA) in Poland this year (and then later retracted the statement), once again the team behind the game are intimating that Captain Shepard could still possibly jump (space) ship. Responding to the age-old “And PS3 too?” question, BioWare responded:


We definitely want to give as many people as possible a chance to play the game. The Unreal engine is cross-platform. I think maybe the only platform it doesn’t work on is the Wii.

The biggest difference between the original Mass Effect and its upcoming sequel is who’s publishing. While Microsoft handled the first game, now that BioWare fits snuggly in the arms of EA, the super-publisher (who, understandably, have a history of releasing games on as many viable platforms as possible) will release the space-faring RPG sequel.

This may be only a scintilla of hope for PS3 fans of space-sex and epic sci-fi RPGs, but, if anything, the developer has yet again refused to flatly deny a PS3 version could at least happen.

The interview also touches upon DLC plans for Mass Effect 2 (on the 360 and PC, you know, the versions we know do exist) and if they will be similar in fashion to how Dragon Age: Origins worked.  DLC is a given so expect new weapons, armour and side-quests. The developer also hinted at “big expansion packs” so expect to be playing Mass Effect 2 for months to come.

Finally, Polygamia also prod the studio about just what the Cerberus Network is (seen to be accessible in a recent ME2 build) and whether ME2 will get a social site similar to the support Dragon Age: Origins received. BioWare were tight-lipped though did reveal that more information about these aspects of Mass Effect 2 will be announced “soon.”