London Pub In Home

Playstation Home is about to get a slice of Blighty jammed in it’s virtual space with the launch of the ‘London Pub’ on January 7th. According to the press release,

‘Based on your favourite London watering hole, situated on the banks of the river Thames overlooking The Houses of Parliament, The London Pub personal space comes complete with a multi-player darts game, a roaring open fire, comedy beer pumps, crank phone calls and hand dryers that don’t dry your hands (they’re only virtual you know).’


Produced by virtual brand VeeMee, the pub space will be available for €4.99, less than the price of a round (and less than the price of a pint if you happen to live in London). To make your London pub exceptionally authentic I suggest you invite a load of your American friends to come and sit in the corner and talk very loudly about how to get to ‘Li-cester Square’.