TSA Staff: Game of the Year #2


Killzone 2. Gripping, gorgeous and harrowing. Whether it was marvelling at the incredible post processing techniques implemented by Guerrilla Games, writing a gripping tale of our first day on Helghan or creating a massive fan-ficition, Killzone 2 had us gripped from start to finish. Becoming the first – and only game – to alter the TSA review scoring by receiving a 5/5 it fully deserves its place, as TheSixthAxis’ second favourite game of 2009.


Having narrowly missed out on first place, Killzone 2 still gets a cracking video:


This video was produced and edited by David Howard.

In between popping Helghast in the head, some of the staff wrote some kind words for Killzone 2:

“Whilst some may argue that the FPS genre is becoming stale, Killzone 2 offers a graphical masterpiece with atmospheric settings and gritty gameplay. With an iconic enemy, solid story and great leading characters, Killzone 2 cements itself as a PlayStation must. Guerilla Games’ creation also boasts one of the best multiplayer online experiences too.” – Lewis Gaston

“Guerilla Games knew exactly what they wanted to do with Killzone 2 and they hit their target with a rare precision. The realistic combat in a sci-fi setting with smart backstory and near-perfect multiplayer options are just what the PlayStation 3 needed at the start of the year and Killzone 2 has managed to stay interesting for a long time, which is a big achievement considering the amount of titles that have been top-sellers since its release.” – Peter Chapman

“When final code for Killzone 2 popped through the TSA Towers letterbox a couple of weeks before release I was like a child in a sweetshop.  Sure, the online didn’t work until the game hit the shelves but that meant I could leisurely take my time with the single player mode, soaking in the atmosphere and gasping at the visuals.  Other games might well be richer and more grand in scope, but nothing has ever come close to the incredible post processing effects that Guerrilla Games managed to wring out of the PS3 for Killzone 2 – every level looks amazing, the train sequence still jaw dropping.  Of course, the online mode has now become legendary too, so I needn’t have worried.” –  Nofi

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