TSA Staff: Game of the Year #1


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. What else is there to say? Naughty Dog’s incredible sequel had us all under its spell and no other game came close to the number one position. Ever since the beta convinced the sceptical among us, we were eagerly anticipating any trailer or gameplay that was thrown our way. Having received a 9/10 and undying love from TheSixthAxis; Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is TheSixthAxis’ favourite game of 2009.

Well here it is, our favourite video game’s very own video:

This video was produced and edited by David Howard.

“When you hear people talking about Uncharted 2, they use words like “awesome”, “unbelievable”, “incredible” and “amazing”. But the simple fact of the matter is I have completely run out of superlatives for Uncharted 2. Everything I say about it will sound clichéd and has probably been said by everyone else. The thing is, it’s just so damn good from start to finish in terms of the hand-to-hand combat, the shooting, the way it makes you think logically to get out sticky situations and the very first time you ACTUALLY feel attached and interested in the characters and the story behind them. Even though when I finished the game I loved it, it didn’t really stand out how great it looked until I played Assassin’s Creed 2. Great game though it is, seeing the in-game graphics struggle to look impressive in the cut-scenes really brought home how great Uncharted 2 looks. Uncharted 2 is a game that all other games from now on must look up to and try to beat. Honestly, believe the hype, bite the bullet and order this game right now (if you haven’t already) and savour every second of it. According to the game stats, I spent 60 minutes of the game standing still admiring the view. It is easily my game of the year and a deserved victor of the coveted TSA game of the year award.” – Tom Lord

“Naughty Dog have created a game that is nothing short of genius. With graphics that are second to none and voice acting that sits high above anything else, Uncharted 2 offers Playstation owners a truly amazing experience. With set pieces that rival and out-do Hollywood, the action is virtually non-stop and the storyline is deep and immersive.” – Lewis Gaston

“Mr Drake is back in his sequel and he certainly does it with a bang. With the best graphics of the generation so far, Uncharted 2 draws even the most casual gamer into the centre of the story and, more importantly, the action. The effort and time Naughty Dog have spent on Uncharted are clear to any individual and it has definitely paid off. The game’s mechanics and gameplay are never too complicated and the story is a pleasure to play, more than once. When a game is such as pleasure just to watch, you know it’s great. Among Thieves will not be forgotten quickly.” – Murdo Connochie

Well there you have it, TheSixthAxis’ Game of the Year.

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