Uncharted 2 Update #3

Wow, the guys at Naughty Dog aren’t resting on their laurels, not satisfied with winning practically every single award going including the TSA Staff Game Of The Year and releasing free DLC, they’re also continuing to work on the unseen bits of the game in an effort to make it the absolute best it possibly can be. Today on the EU Blog, Naughty Dog’s Arne Mayer has announced that the third patch will land at 18:00 [GMT] today, the list of improvements contains:

  • Added Version number to game menu – should display 1.03 after this update
  • Added Clan Tags – all players can now add a custom four letter Clan Tag in the Profile Menu (square) to display on-screen before their PSN ID
  • Load times have been decreased significantly
  • Added “Rematch” functionality
  • Adjusted some Boosters for balance
  • Addressed issue with Player’s Met screen in game menu and XMB displaying incorrectly
  • Addressed issue with Double Cash not doubling medal cash rewards

Despite the games awesomeness one of the criticisms levelled at it, is that it just takes to too long to get into a game but after this patch is installed players will notice that the game loads into a map much faster after leaving the vote screen. This will help get players into games faster and keep people playing instead of waiting in the menu system. Awesome work Naughty Dog, most developers would be sat in their ivory towers congratulating themselves with champagne and cigars at all the much deserved awards they’ve received, and not getting stuck into the code making the best even better!