Sunday Thoughts: 20/12/09

Ah, the Sunday before Christmas – the day on which you sit around wishing the next few days simply didn’t exist so you could be disappointed by mediocre presents from the nan you barely see sooner. It’s five days until you get to open the exact same torch she’s managed to get for you every year for the last decade. Five whole days in which you get to sit around like an idiot who’s lost his lamp.

Still, it’s not all disappointments, though, because TSA exists. TSA, whilst existing, is going to get you out of your impatient, bored state – and we’re going to do this by talking to you. The TSA community is a wonderful place to be right now, whether we’re conducting mass polls for our Game of the Year, arranging TSA Meets, or even posting articles about huskies, we’re doing it all for you, the adoring TSA public.

This whole Sunday Thoughts is dedicated to you lot, because we want you to know how much we love you. Without you, we’re just a bunch of weirdos making surreal posts about zombies invading games and dogs that look remarkably similar to wolves. So we want to thank you, and we’re going to do that by posting all through Christmas. Sure, there isn’t going to be any news, but you can expect some of my very own brand of damn-strange every day up until New Year, including a ‘triumphant’ return of Zombie Thursdays next Sunday.


Other than my inane rambling to tide you over, I’m going to try and hoodwink some other writers into getting some stuff up to entertain you during that weird lull between the opening of the presents on Christmas Day and the Christmas dinner later on, just in case you’re not busy playing the games you just liberated from the christmas-y paper prison.

So yes, expect some daily weirdness all through the holidays. It’s just our way of saying thank you.