Lunchtime Discussion: Christmas Releases

Christmas can be a good thing. It can also be a bad thing. What I mean by that most uninspired of openings ever seen on TSA is that, whilst there are good things about Christmas when it comes to gaming, there are also bad things. An example of the former is, of course, the supermarket price wars that always appear around Christmas time (an example being the Modern Warfare 2 release), whilst an example of the latter would be the tide of brand new games that release around December, just in time for the Christmas shoppers to fight over.

Personally, I like Christmas. Sure, there are no such thing as free presents once you get old enough to buy things for other people, and the presents from people you barely know that are usually more miss than hit lead to awkward silence, but when you open a present and it’s that game you’ve wanted for about 3 months but haven’t been able to buy… well, it’s a good feeling. It’s also one of the relatively rare surprises you can still get (or give) when you’ve gone and grown up without getting arrested for it afterwards. So whilst I will take the socks I am bound to get on Christmas Day with a forced smile, I will soldier on in the confidence that I will get something I want at some point during the course of the day.

Still, this isn’t really discussion material, so I’ll move on. The real problem that I have with Christmas is the aforementioned tide of releases that accompany it. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when games release, that isn’t the problem – what is the problem, however, is publishers holding releases back until the holiday season to hit the customary sales rush. I don’t like this – releases should be staggered and released throughout the year, not just before super-sale holidays. I’m much more likely to buy loads of games throughout the year than I am to buy loads of games at one point in the year. In fact, if loads of games that I want release at the same time, I won’t be buying all of them, because I do enjoy actually eating food and, you know, not starving to death.


But what do you think? Do you like the tsunami of games that appears just in time for Christmas, or would you prefer releases being spread throughout the year, like me?