Microsoft Patent Realistic Avatars

According to a patent filed with the US Patent & Trademark office, Microsoft are wanting avatars to resemble their owners on a physiological level. The idea, called “Avatar Individualized By Physical Characteristic”, means if you’re overweight/underweight then your avatar will mirror this, which will apparently inject “a degree of reality into the capabilities or appearance.”

The way in which Microsoft are intending on getting your personal health details are via “third party health data collection repository, a health care smart card, a real-time physiological sensor (e.g., blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, peak flow, pedometer, etc.)”. Whilst this will eliminate the hassle of customising your avatar, it will mean that you would no longer be able to hide certain features. When was the last time you saw an overweight avatar?


But Microsoft seem to have other plans for this, too. They will reward good behaviour with “capabilities of a gaming avatar, an amount of time budgeted to play, or a visible indication” which will apparently encourage people to exercise. Does anyone else read that as meaning if you are overweight or unhealthy, you won’t get certain features?

Expect Natal to come with a Bupa healthpack then!

Source: 1UP