Fat Princess Delayed Due To “The Finger”

Sony has just announced that the delayed Fat Princess will finally make it out in time for Christmas in Japan.  Christmas day, in fact.  There’s no specific mention of the reason for the delay, but rumour has it it’s because the original artwork for the game featured characters with three fingers and a thumb on each hand, something that apparently doesn’t go down very well in Japan.

The new artwork has each class member with four fingers and a thumb, thus:


Here in Europe we complain about delays all the time, but if we’d ever had a game delayed due to a couple of appendages the furore would have been legendary.  Still, we reckon that’s now everyone able to pick up a bit fat heir to the throne and carry her across a bloody battlefield, so there’s no excuse.  Odd, though, because the whole thing smacks of a huge ball of irony given our story last year – some news stories just write themselves, don’t they?