WWE 2018 Confirmed

Legal Eagles for THQ and wrestling organisation WWE have spent the best part of six years battling over a previous deal regarding WWE games but have recently come to an agreement. MCV report that THQ will pay WWE $13.2 million and in return THQ now have the rights to publish WWE games until 2018. THQ president and CEO Brian Farrell slipped in to a pair of skimpy lycra briefs, smothered himself in oil and smashed a chair over the head of his PA before saying this,

“This agreement ensures that WWE games will continue to be an important cornerstone of THQ’s annual release schedule for the long term. We look forward to working directly with WWE to expand their brand in the video game space through continued game play innovation and increased online delivery of WWE content.”


So to summerise: Annual WWE games until 2018, et voila, my attention grabbing headline is true.