And We Return

Like that bugger who nipped off to the pub for a few pints 3 hours ago, we return from the New Year post reining-in bleary-eyed and headachy, desperately needing to collapse onto a bed. Also much like the bugger mentioned above on the morning after, our eyes may be bloodshot and we may be unable to stop ourselves from yawning every 2.72 seconds, but we will soldier on with our coffee in hand, continuing work through our crippling hangover.

Moving away from weird metaphors, however, I will tell you what in the hell I am talking about. We reigned in our posting over Christmas and New Year for obvious, news-less reasons, though we did keep posts going through the holiday season for the first time in TSA’s very sexy (!?) history. This is where that reigning-in ends and normal service resumes.

We hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year, we at least tried to keep you from depression after discovering how underwhelming your Christmas presents were and desperately fought to keep you from buckling under the weight of your New Year hangover. Now we will construct a path out of words as we write your way into yet another decade of gaming brilliance.


Or something.