Is The PS3 Close To Being Hacked?

A number of videos around the internet over the New Year period appeared to show an ‘exploit’, in various stages of development, that may be the way pirates finally get their hands on some dodgy games.  Of course, here on TheSixthAxis we don’t condone piracy at any level, so certainly won’t be linking to any of the so-called ‘tutorials’ in question (and besides, no-one’s actually verified they work anyway) but seeing as the PS3 is the last console standing in the piracy war the news that the hackers might be close is certainly newsworthy.

The method in question involves installing some iffy software on a version of Windows over a Linux partition, so it’s not for the fainthearted (and is against the law anyway) and requires a copy of one of the PS3’s earliest titles as some kind of key.  Rumours are that the whole thing is one big lie and that only a ‘select few’ have gotten the thing to actually work, but it’s interesting to hear that some individuals are so desperate to get games without paying for them that they’d actually try and copy the steps shown in the videos floating around the web over the weekend.


Our advice?  Just buy the games if you want them, the risk of destroying your PS3 should be bad enough, but we’d hope our readers are intelligent enough to know that if you want your big summer blockbusters each year you need to keep handing over your cash.