Sega: We’re coming up with concepts for Alpha Protocol 2

Sega’s Constantin Hantzopoulos has confirmed that Alpha Protocol 2 is in its early development stages. Speaking on the 1UP podcast (which we mentioned recently), Constantin reveals that the publisher are already looking at a sequel for the soon to be released Alpha Protocol. He says:

I’ve got some folks playing it [ed: Alpha Protocol] right now internally, and, you know, basically coming up with some concepts for, eventually, AP2.

The second hint that a sequel to the RPG spy-fest is coming is when Constantin touches upon the bug fixing process for the first Alpha Protocol game.  Revealing that developer Obsidian have reduced the amount of bugs in the game from a staggering 40,000 to “almost none”, the Sega manager also touches upon what some people refer to as “bugs” becoming what’s known in the industry as “features”. Such elements, as long as they don’t detract from the quality of the game, are not removed before shipping. Interestingly, he then goes on to state that Alpha Protocol’s “features” might be something they’ll look at when making Alpha Protocol 2. Regarding these opportunities, Constantin explains:

It’s the old slap on the head, looking back, and saying ‘What were we thinking?’ but sometimes you just go ‘We’ll shelve it for AP2.’

One podcast, two references. It looks like Sega are exceptionally happy with the prospects of the first game, and a second Michael Thorton adventure is almost inevitable.