Lunchtime Discussion: The Story Or The Action?

Many of the games that we insert into our consoles as of late feature great storylines and great action, but there are many games that only provide one or the other. When Uncharted 2 burst onto the scene gamers were treated to, in my opinion of course, one of the greatest games to ever grace a console. Naughty Dog had managed to provide a great story featuring great characters and acting talent all the while maintaining a high level of action and playability. Sure, they aren’t alone when it comes to creating games with these attributes; the list is actually quite encouraging when you think about it. But there are many games out there that sacrifice story for action and vice versa, which leads me to ask: What do you prefer?

Let’s take a look at Modern Warfare 2, for example. No one can say that it hasn’t been successful – if they do, they’re stupid – but success doesn’t necessarily reflect on the quality. Modern Warfare 2’s storyline is as disjointed as a Chinese circus contortionist (in fact that’s insulting Chinese circus contortionsts) and if it weren’t for some of the action on screen and a lot of hype, one might say that it had the potential to fail. But, obviously, this has not put people off playing the game in their millions.

I received WET for Christmas after exclaiming that I enjoyed the demo some months back and this is a game that suffers from lack of story, in my opinion. The action is full-on and it’s exciting for all of about an hour and I blame it on the game’s poor story and its reliance on the blood-splattering action.


We would love every game to feature both amazing stories and amazing action but if you were to take one away, would you enjoy the game and if you had to pick, would you prefer action or the story?