Dante’s Inferno Tongue-Evisceration

The ERSB is proving to be a treasure trove today including some details on Dante’s Inferno. This is one seriously f’d up game judging by the ERSB ratings, let’s a have a look a few choice descriptions:

“Blood often splatters out of monsters’ bodies when attacked; weakened monsters can be finished off with a set of commands leading to tongue-evisceration.” – Tongue Evisceration? What the bejeebus is that?


“In one sequence, a distraught demon-like creature seizes Dante’s right hand and slowly guides it across her bare chest;” – I say, steady on!

“‘Shade minions’ in high heels moan lustfully—in the Lust level—as tentacles protrude from their stomachs, their lower regions.” – Minions in high heels? Is that what the well dressed minion is wearing in hell this year, tentacles and a pair of Jimmy-Choos? 

“Amidst the sounds of moaning, drowning, crying, and chastising..” – Dead Space set the standard for atmospheric audio, Dante appears to follow suit.

“A bluish devil/demon in boss-battle mode—its penis visible during the flying and fire-spewing, the standing around” – Oh yes, it’s not all breasts you know, this is what you get when women demand equality, a giant blue devil boss who cock-slaps you.

“Equivalent physics applied to female/male body parts.” – In other words, breasts will wobble reaslistically but so will the giant blue demon cock. Cant wait! For the game that is. Not the GBDC. That would just be kinky.