ESRB Outs Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing’s Gyrating Hips

According to the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, we’re about to get a Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing game. And that’s not all as, after delving a little deeper into the rating of the game, “one of the female racers wears a short skirt with a laser gun that clings to her thigh; she taunts opponents by gyrating her hips and blowing a kiss.” Yikes! Despite the risqué antics of this particular racing harlot, the game has been given an “Everyone” rating and is hence open to all. There’s a gag there which I won’t explore.

Expect a cast of Sega characters belting around an assortment of  “whimsical” tracks. Power-ups are also quoted as is the ability to “jab” opponents with a “hammer” or “crush them with a giant egg.” Sounds great!


Via NeoGAF.