Game Room and Natal Info Leaked

With Microsoft’s CES conference only a few hours away, a lot of people are getting very excited about any big reveals that could be coming. Seems someone over at the Microsoft HQ (it isn’t as big as TSA towers though) got a little too excited and hit the tweet button.

The tweet contains a link to an interview with Robbie Bach, President of the Entertainment & Devices Division, and in it a few key projects are discussed, namely Project Natal and the Xbox Game Room. The video has now been pulled from the site but can still be found here. You’ll need to skip to around 11.53 minutes to hear about Game Room though.


Game Room isn’t as widely known as Natal so here’s what Bach had to say:

“Well, Game Room in some ways is sort of a retro approach. And it’s interesting, there’s a generation of people — sort of my advanced, mature age [laughs] — who grew up with a set of games like Centipede. They look almost like casual, fun games today — at the time they were high-end, edgy games — and so Game Room is the idea of bringing that back to the market. And bringing that to a very broad audience. And I think what we’re gonna find is that when people can get 30 or more of these games, they’re gonna love it for the experience. And it’s not just you and I who are gonna love it, even the people who would call themselves “hardcore gamers” are gonna say “Oh wow this is fun!” In a retro way. It’s sort of like my daughter going to watch Journey. I’m like, this is a band that was playing when I was growing up. And she thinks it’s a cool band and I like the music. And I think you’re gonna have the same phenomenon with Game Room. We’re gonna enjoy the games and they’re gonna think it’s cool. I think that’s very powerful.”

Sounds good. I’ve definitely been feeling the urge to play some of the golden oldies.

And, when asked what’s instore for 2010 he replied, “And then you look at what we have coming in the Xbox space, with Project Natal, which I think is going to revolutionize how people think about the gaming business.” I can’t wait to try Natal so this confirmation is good news for my eager beaver.

Source: Joystiq