More Than Half Of PSP Gamers Are Women

Seemed like the best time to bring this up. According to Nielson, that secretive and tiny man who sits in your TV and writes down everything you watch, the kung-fu grip us males have on gaming is somewhat loosening. In fact, according to the stat-master, a massive 52% of all PSP gamers are of the fairer variety. We’re talking about girls – for those of you who don’t know any.

The blog entry from Nielson throws up some interesting figures, albeit about our American neighbour’s gaming habits as opposed to what us Europeans are up to. 54% of all American homes have a console with the average household devoting 3.36 hours a week in the pursuit of princesses, kill-streaks and blast shards etc. We’re still reeling from the PSP stat though. 52%! That’s, like, more than half! This is how the invasion begins, people. What’s next in this crazy role-reversal world? Guys start reading Twilight novels? (New Moon the book was far better than the movie version as the Italian scenes in the film were totally overdone. I mean, eh … nothing to see here …)