PS3 & PSP Catches Thief

It helps cure cancer, it’s the US governments hive mind, it plays Uncharted 2 and now the PS3 is catching criminals. Over on the US Playstation boards a poster by the name of ‘psich0m4n’ has told the tale of his stolen PS3. Just before Christmas a thieving scumbag broke in to his apartment and swiped his PS3, all the games and the PS Eye camera. What Thieving McThiefty failed to realise is that psich0m4n also had his PSP linked up to his Playstation for remote play.

psich0m4n tried to remote link to his stolen PS3 everyday from his PSP and on December 18th he succeeded as Thieving McThiefty had plugged in the console and gone online.


“I opened a chat room, turned on the camera and surely enough I got to see a close look at the thieves face! (probably looking at it wondering why the PS3 had turned on by itself!!!)” Says psich0m4n with understandable excessive use of exclamation marks, “With my digital camera readily available I took a picture of the PSP screen with the thieves face!!  Called the police and they quickly recognized the person. ”

The console, games and PS Eye were quickly recovered with no damage. There are twenty four pages of replies to psich0m4ns post, some of which are calling him a Liar McLiarty but from the way remote play works I think his tale is plausible.