Sony Continue Western Car Love For GT5 Box Art

Sony have continued their love of appreciation of Western cars for the cover artwork of Gran Turismo 5, with the star of the show the new Mercedes SLS AMG. The gull-winged supercar, with a top speed of 197mph, has been chosen from a total of nearly 1000 cars recreated down to what Sony are claming is the finest detail for players to race in the forthcoming title.


The game – the first so-called primary Gran Turismo title for PS3 – is the culmination of ten years of developing ultra-realistic driving experiences hand-in-hand with the motor racing industry. To celebrate the release of the box art, Polyphony have also let this gorgeous new video loose. The game is out (we’ve heard) on the 25th of March in Japan – still no Euro date.

Thanks, YobRenoops, and everyone else that tipped us.