Final Fantasy VIII Due “Next Couple Of Weeks”

Replying to the usual torrent of “Where the hell is Final Fantasy VIII?” comments on today’s PS Store article over at the Official PlayStation Blog, SCEE’s Mike Kebby has stated (a few times in fact) that the oft-delayed Final Fantasy “classic” will be released on the European store soon. How soon? Before the end of January.

It’s about time. After all, Japan got the Squawl-starring PS1 RPG on September 24th, while our North American comrades were able to download it on December 17th. Why the delay? Well, the reason starts with the letter ‘L’ and sounds like “Rocalisation.”

The comment section on the official blog is quite often a veritable treasure trove of new information (and corrections. No, the SOCOM DLC is not £3.99/€4.99). Another nugget of information the more eagle-eyed of you out there may have spotted was Mike’s reply to the idea of PSN gifting. In what can only be seen as another way for Sony to increase their revenue streams, one commenter wants to know if Sony are looking into the concept of us punters buying content for someone else and sending it to them virtually through the interwebs. You know, like a gift. Mike says it’s a great idea and, if memory serves me correctly from an older comment he made back in 2009, such a magnanimous prospect is something Sony are in f act looking into to.

Thanks Jag