Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC Removed At Activision’s Request

Confirming Joystiq’s recent discovery of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC’s vanishing act from the PSN, SCEE’s Mike Kebby claims Activision requested the content be removed from the network. Stating in a comment to Bahamutt44-4’s query on the official EU blog regarding the missing DLC, Mike claims:

The publisher requested the MUA2 to be removed from the store, I don’t think it’ll be likely to be coming back either. Sorry.

Why this particular content won’t be doing a Jean Grey and coming back from the dead (in a new costume or in any other form for that matter) is open to interpretation. As publishers are hit with a charge for everything you download, it might be a case of good business practice, with Activision unprepared to cover the download bill for DLC content of a game that is no longer selling. Of course, this isn’t the first time content has done a Houdini from the store. Go try and find the Resident Evil 5 demo for instance. No, seriously. Go try and find it. Let us know if you do because we’ve been looking for months.