Super Stardust HD Continues To Lead The Way

Super Stardust HD was the first PS3 game to get Trophies, and it might well be the first PSN game to ‘go 3D’ too, judging by floor demos at CES yesterday.  The game appears to be a poster child for innovation on the PlayStation platform, with Sony pushing developers HouseMarque all the way whenever they’ve got something new to show off, and the year’s big thing – proper 3D – is evidently something the PS3 is going to be rather good at.

A new Firmware update this year will enable developers to push the new stereoscopic display out to those of us with television sets capable of showing games in 3D, and although Avatar was technically the first to do it, I’d imagine most people’s first dip into the new tech will be with Super Stardust because by most accounts Avatar (the game) wasn’t actually that good.  And didn’t have a massive planet you could zip around shooting asteroids, either.