Darksiders Tearing Patch For 360 “Soon”

As we’re sure you’re aware by now (look to your right), Darksiders hits game shelves today. Our official review is forthcoming, but if you’re picking it up for the Xbox 360 you may be interested to know that an update to correct some of the excessive screen-tearing in the game is forthcoming.

Joe Madureira, head of Vigil Games, told IGN:


“It’s something that’s really not a difficult fix for us and so we’re going to implement a patch to resolve the problem. We’re fairly certain it’ll happen really soon so look out for it.”

According to sources, the 360 version suffers from more than its fair share of the graphical anomaly, so let’s hope the patch gets here soon. Of course, it could be worse, you could have to wait thirty seconds for the game to reload every time you die.