Review: Official Sony Headset

Everybody knows that Sony accessories are the most expensive best. The rather lovely Sony keypad is one and the headset reviewed here is another. I realise I’m a bit late with the review, but when the Headset was first released the worldwide stock of approximately 12 was snapped up quicker than Portsmouth’s best players.  Being TSA counts for nothing and so I had to wait until Christmas 2009 before finally getting my ears on one of these beauties.

It was worth the wait.  Mostly because the packaging is sensible and cardboard and therefore doesn’t involve self-mutilation when opening, but also because the headset is another quality piece of kit.  It comes with its own charging stand and USB cable for plugging into your PS3.  This setup makes it easy to keep the headset fully charged, although the big red ring of light that signifies it’s finished charging is too similar to RROD for my liking.  It also has a mini-USB connection so you can plug it in outside of the stand if you prefer, but that’s no way as cool.  A couple of differently-sized rubber rings are also in the box and these are to be used to make the headset fit more easily into your ear.

There are four buttons and with them you can accomplish all sorts of wonderful aural-based pleasures: namely, turn the headset on and off, mute and un-mute, and raise and lower the volume.  The volume controls sit on the top and bottom of the headset, so when wearing the device it’s easy to press the top button for increase and bottom for decrease.  It makes sense and is very easy to use, especially when compared to other headsets that have the +/- on a horizontal rocker type switch.  The mute button is a big, round pressable thing, easy to locate and press during even the most hectic of games.  It’s a neat, compact package and it looks great too.


The sonics are the most important part, of course, and so I headed off into the wilds of the PSN and tried a little Modern Warfare 2.  The headset works well and the sound is nice and crisp.  I even managed to find TSA’s own Murdo in one game and discovered that he too was using the Sony headset.  We had perfectly clear conversations for the duration of my time being shot to bits and I couldn’t fault the headset’s performance; It was, by some margin, better than my own.

Another impressive accessory then, and the instructions say it can even be switched around to become wearable in the left ear.  I didn’t even know I had a left ear*, so I can’t imagine this being useful.  As it’s a Bluetooth headset it works perfectly well with a mobile phone too: I easily paired it with my iPhone, Red, and called my other half – who was in the kitchen at the time – to order my tea.  Awesome.

It’s an excellent headset for PS3 gaming and far outperforms my previous headset, a Sony-Ericsson I’ve had since the PS3 launched.  If you haven’t yet got a headset I recommend this one.  It looks great stood next to the PS3 and it sounds great in use too.

* On our sofa, my other half sits on my left hand side; I haven’t heard anything she’s said for years.

But the Headset from these retailers and help TSA!

Amazon (£various)

Play (£17.99)

Headset in stand Headset standing tall.

Fit model wearing headset Lookin’ good, huh?

Dog-eared! Peggy looking dog-eared.

Phone? Headset? Eh? Gill failing to pair the headset with the landline!