Darksiders’ Remaining Horsemen Already Designed – Joe Madureira

Confirming to VG247, Vigil boss Joe Madureira has revealed that the other Horsemen of the Apocalyptic kind have already been designed – ready and waiting for any potential Darksiders sequels. Of course, he’s not confirming the existence of said sequel(s), but with the first Darksiders receiving favourable reviews and entering the top ten sales charts this week, it’s a logical step to see the studio returning to the Seven Seals for another crack.

The question remains, however, of just which Horsemen is he actually referring to. Darksiders already rewrote biblical canon by replacing Famine and Conquest (or Pestilence, but we won’t get into that here) with Fury and Strife respectively – leaving Death as the only “original member” (excluding War) to feature.  We’re assuming the other designs are of these three unseen characters from the first game but this could change. Who knows what the (dark, blasted) future holds.


Update: VG247 have now gotten their hands on the actual artwork of the remaining Horsemen/women. Fury is below. Hit the link for the rest.