PS3 Gets New Hardware: Torne

A brand new piece of PS3 hardware has just been unveiled this morning: Torne. Torne is a digital TV player and recorder for the Japanese market, much like PlayTV for Europe, and will sell for 9,980 Yen.  In addition, Torne will offer PSP export (and Remote Play control) and comes with all the cables you’ll need (and a B-CAS card).

The best thing?  It even has its own Trophies.


From the screen above it looks like a typically slick PlayStation interface, although the one in PlayTV is quite lovely too.  It’s not clear how much of the same technology is being used, but this now places the US as the other major territory without a TV player device for the PlayStation 3.

Sony are also planning to bundle Torne with a 250GB PlayStation 3, aiming the package squarely at those that will be recording a lot of television.