God Of War III Embargo Ends. New Screens To Freak Out To

Marking the end of a long-standing news embargo, Jeff Rubenstein over at the official US PlayStation Blog has posted up a series of new epic shots from God of War III.

We’ve added a couple of pics below, but make sure to hit the link to bask in the Ghost of Sparta’s full unadulterated bad-ass glory. And with the moratorium now well and truly over, expect to see much more of the big Greek over the coming days. Yes, that includes a new trailer – likely to be of Kratos clambering over Gaia in the Titan boss section.


Finally, the original shots are apparently 1080p (viz wizards out there may want to chime in with their impressions) whereas the previous bunch of images were all 720p. Just saying. You can draw your own conclusions.

Update: We now have all of the screens so enjoy!