Heavy Rain: The Facts

Heavy Rain, one of the most anticipated video games ever, is just around the corner. With PS3 owners salivating at the potential of this exciting new title, we thought we’d share with you some of the highlights from the press fact sheet currently doing the rounds.  It’s clear that Sony are right behind this one, somehow keeping the game’s secrets under wraps whilst at the same time letting the most favourable outlets (hello, OPM’s 9/10 review) tell the world just how wonderful it is.

And whilst I’m personally keeping an open mind, it’s worth mentioning that Quantic Dream’s last game, Indigo Prophecy, contains many of the same game design principles (and shortcomings) as Heavy Rain, and appears to stumble at the same hurdles: sexuality for one. Still, I’ve not gotten my hands on the final game yet so, yeah, I’ll see how it goes when the finished “Hollywood-style cinematic adventure” heads our way.


Labelled, then, as a “dark and sophisticated film noir thriller”, Heavy Rain “challenges the videogame convention” by introducing “original and innovative content that engages players emotionally, explores the potential of interactive storytelling, and creates a new gaming format for an adult audience.”  Ambition isn’t something the team are short of, and we’re told the game “tells a complex story through contextual actions and realistic visuals”.

It’s those visuals that have provided most of the talking points so far for a community eager to sample the game for themselves.  Embracing the idea of “interactive storytelling,” the game is built around an emotive and compelling proposition: ‘How far would you go to save someone you love?’  This notion provides the game’s main attraction for some, with the story changing based on each an individual’s actions, with each player faced with a variety of choices and consequences that will “take them on an emotional rollercoaster”.

As players will discover throughout the game, the smallest actions can have dramatic consequences, as every act and decision will have a tangible impact on the fate of the characters.  Writer, director, and studio head David Cage is the vision behind the game, one that Sony say “pushes at the boundaries of video gaming” with a new approach that places narrative and emotion at the forefront.  As long as the main female doesn’t mysteriously and suddenly get pregnant and the game veer off into the supernatural, we’ll be good.