Sony: “Firmware Updates Are Not The Cause Of The Reported Failures”

Much has been said over the weekend regarding the alleged ‘bricking’ of PS3s due to Firmware Updates, so much so that Tuffcub took time out from his busy schedule of banging together cheesy dance music to let us know that the situation appears to be getting worse, and that we should get TSA’s best man on the case.  Well, sadly, everyone else was busy, so you’ve got me.

The thread everyone’s on about is this one, which started back in November but is still going strong today.  Essentially, those affected are blaming two things: Modern Warfare 2 and Firmware 3.10, and reports range from the PS3s crashing at the end of games to dying completely. This isn’t just anecdotal heresay from a few forum goers, though, this appears to be lots of people, including at least one member of TSA’s rather beautiful and nicely turned out staff.


Sony, however, are adamant it’s not due to the firmware.  “We apologize for any inconvenience that you are having at this time,” they’ve said to those affected. “Sony is aware that some individuals have reported experiencing system failures after downloading recent firmware updates. However, Sony has investigated the nature and frequency of these reports and based on that investigation, Sony believes that firmware updates are not the cause of the reported failures.”

And 3.15 didn’t fix it either, we’ve had reports in that Modern Warfare 2 has crashed six times since the latest update went mandatory.  The limits of my investigative journalism are reached early, and thus that’s as far as I go on this one, but we’re assuming some of our readers (in addition to those in our forum) will also have been affected, so let us know in the comments if you’re getting the freezing.  Shame, eh, just as the UK warms up, our PlayStations go the other way.