God Of War III: 720p, 30-60fps

It’s probably just me, but I found yesterday’s God Of War III screens a little bit underwhelming – perhaps it’s the setting, or the fact that all the screens are from exactly the same bit in the game, but I’m not hugely impressed so far.  Still, I’m assuming the battle on Mount Olympus is only a small portion of the storyline, so there’s hope for a bit more variety (and hopefully a bit more of a sense of drama).

Regardless, I’m also a little bit down on the matter of the frame rate and resolution.  For what’s going to be the PS3’s poster child for at least a couple of months, God Of War III apparently ‘only’ runs at 720p with a variable frame rate.  “Yes, the core game is,” said a spokesperson for the development team when asked about whether the game runs at 60fps. “However, some weapons are locked at 30 while others on 60 to ensure maximum enjoyment and maximum polish.”


I don’t know whether that’s a dodgy translation (the original source is Arabic) but some are assuming they meant ‘levels’, not ‘weapons’, unless certain weapons are doing crazy effects that the PS3’s struggling to draw – something I find a little bit hard to believe and surely someone can do a better translation…  Still, surely they can get the game locked down to 60fps before release, right?  The last thing I want is a game constantly switching between framerates, especially one at 720p.