LittleBigPlanet Goes 3D

Most people, when tasked on thinking about 3D games, want cars and rockets coming out of the screen at them, not burlap.  Thankfully Sony have all three of the above in their arsenal of 3D powered gaming, because in addition to Gran Turismo 5 and WipEout HD getting the 3D treatment, the publisher is also working on LittleBigPlanet 3D.

At the home of Evolution Studios yesterday lucky attendees got the chance to sample not only Motorstorm: Pacific Rift in eye-tearingly awesome 3D, but also the adventures of Sackboy, which, when you think about it, actually starts to make a great deal of sense, what with the game’s pre-built three levels of depth seemingly purpose built for the technology in question.


The demo was non-playable, mind, but Eurogamer’s Rich Leadbetter described the difference as giving the landscape a “phenomenal sense of depth” with the Stereoscopic 3D putting an end to the ambiguity that some gamers faced with the different levels of parallax.  Apparently there’s also a new intro sequence to the game, which may well see the light of day on store shelves soon, with Sackboy changing from a 2D flat figure to a fully 3D one before your eyes.

In addition, word on the street is that the firmware updates to enable the PS3 to work with 3D (one for games, one for movies) will hit this Summer.