Heavy Rain Trophies Keep Up The Suspense

Our resident Trophy Hunter Zuler thinks he’s seen Heavy Rain’s Trophies. He does this sometimes – he can see things that most humans can’t and through his top hunting methods he’s discovered that this is one Trophy List that won’t be getting pored over until the game’s release – why? Because it’s full of ‘Secrets’, with only the Platinum visible to anyone looking in.

We’ve had Secret Trophies before of course, they’re quite common for story-based games where the developers want to keep the plot underwraps, but it’s no surprise that Heavy Rain’s Trophies are all hidden, it fits in with Cage’s ‘experimental‘ Trophy work anyway, with SCEE giving him special permission to not display Trophies until the end of each level.

I still don’t get why Cage was making a bit deal of this, plenty of Trophies are delayed anyway and there was nothing stopping the team just making the Trophies end of level ones anyway – unless there’s lots of “I pressed X 10 times” Trophies in there, which, given the Secret nature of most of these I’m hoping that won’t be the case.  The internet’s ready to explode with info on Heavy Rain tomorrow, so we’ll check all this then.

So, apparently (and remember this is all rumour until we get the confirmed list) the Platinum’s called: “HEAVY RAIN Master- Unlock all trophies”

UPDATE: Hello there, just thought your friendly trophy hunter should drop by and clarify a few things with you all. First of, all this information is based on the one image you see below:

Yes, that is someone who has Heavy Rain. Yes, those are the trophies that you’ll be able to unlock in the full game. The person in possession of the game says that all the trophies will be story-line based, and are all secret, except for three:

Heavy Rain Hero
Finish the Story

Four Heroes
Finish with all four characters alive

Heavy Rain Master (Platinum)
Unlock all Trophies

Exciting times. Once I see it with my own eyes, expect me to confirm this, but I’d say this is all pretty concrete. He also mentions that you will definitely need to playthrough the game more than once to acquire all the trophies. As the game can be easily influenced by just one decision, it will certainly be a while before anyone is a Heavy Rain Master…

Heavy Rain(tm) Hero – Finish the Story
Four Heroes – Finish with all four characters alive
Heavy Rain(tm) Master – Unlock all Trophies