God of War III Collector’s Edition Leaked

We now have a little peek at what will be in the God of War III Collector’s Edition, thanks to our friends over at PS3 Attitude. No, this isn’t the £110 trilogy edition we are all slavering over but very few of us will be able to afford.

Swedish site, Webhallen have leaked the edition along with a shot of the box. Included in the Collector’s Edition is the GoW arena with seven challenges, the Dominus and Phantom of Chaos character skins, three postcards and the game, of course, with the first three being DLC.


With the box in English, there is a pretty good chance this will be coming to the UK and priced at 749 kr (roughly £65) it seems a better option for those who already have the Collection. Those postcards better be good though, I expect gold trimming. No word on the US for now.

Speaking of God of War, Hobby Consolas have revealed that the slaver-covered Ultimate Trilogy Edition will be priced at 199€ and the game’s planned release date is the 22nd of March. Apparently they have an ¡Exclusiva! You can read the full article, in Spanish, here.

We’ll let you know of any more updates for God of War. In the meantime, why not have a look at those godly screenshots again.

Update: A SCE UK spokesperson has told MCV that God Of War III is “tracking March 19th for the UK release” though apparently this is “not 100 per cent confirmed at the moment”.