Heavy Rain “Four Days” Online Experience Begins

The marketing push for Heavy Rain is about to kick into overdrive, and what better way of getting in a psychologically twisted mood than checking out the game’s “Four Days” online experience. Running for the next three weeks, Four Days will consist of new content appearing between Tuesday and Thursday.

It’s an online treasure hunt type deal, revealing some aspects about Heavy Rain’s dark universe as you figure out clues and maybe even get your hands on some free content along the way.


As it states on the official EU blog, registering will even bag you an exclusive Home t-shirt. The US version also reveals:

“Once you’ve registered, you will receive an e-mail that will set you on a journey into the mind of a possible serial killer, giving you a sneak peek into the mystery and story of Heavy Rain. The rain is already falling – start looking there for answers…”

We’re going to take that last part of something of a clue. Four Days starts today, so get hunting. You can go straight into the site for further details.