Lord Of The Rings Blu-ray Set: £75

Entertainment in Video have announced the UK Blu-ray Disc release of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The set, which is only the ‘theatrical’ versions of the films goes on sale on the the 6th April is to be priced at a frankly ridiculous £74.99 RRP.  Padding out 1080p versions of the ‘bare bones’ versions are six DVDs containing the standard extras that we’ve already seen before, and thus obviously in SD.

So, although the set is packaged nicely and contains nine disks, you’re only getting the films (and the odd trailer) in HD and everything else is the standard definition stuff fans will have had since 2002.  Entertainment in Video haven’t shocked anyone by doing this, but they won’t have made any new fans either.  To say I’m personally disappointed is an understatement – I’ll be waiting for the Extended versions for sure, which will no doubt appear just in time for The Hobbit’s first part.

If you’re interested, though, Amazon are selling the pack for £48.98.