SEGA’s New Console Leaked

According to Pocket Lint, SEGA will be releasing a new games console this Summer in the UK. Well, it’s not strictly all new because it’s clearly based on a Megadrive, but it’s got a new name – Sega Zone.

The Sega Zone will come with Wii-esque wireless remotes and will, in addition to 20 classic SEGA titles like Sonic and Ecco will come with 30 new games, 16 of which will be motion controlled.


The motion control games are apparently much like those in Wii Sports – Table Tennis, Darts, Fencing, Volleyball etc. and the Sega Zone controllers will feature just as much movement as the Wii Remotes.

Priced at around £50, it’s clearly SEGA’s attempt to break into a little of what the Wii has, but Pocket Lint is reporting that you won’t be able to add new games to the Sega Zone, what you get in the box is what you’ll have to stick with.